I am Petr or Peter the Freelance Motion Designer 
and here is what I do:
Show your product or idea in 2D/3D animation. You can easily explain even the most complex concept with video and 3D visualization.

Explainer videos and 3D graphics are ideal for you if you need:

- To give your website a sparkle
- To show what your product or service does
- Educate employees or clients with a technical video
- Support the video with 3D elements, labels, objects or graphs

How do I get your marketing and sales materials moving?

- Explainer video animation - in a short video I will explain what your product or service is about. It will not just entertain but also convince the audience.
- 3D animated visualizations - I will easily show how it all works. Whether it's an assembly line, a complex engineering component, an advertising banner or a revolutionary idea.
- 3D static visualization - I will create a 3D image of anything you need. It can exist in the real world or in your head.

I make sure it all makes sense. All I need is a basic assignment. I will ask, I will request the necessary documents, I will ensure that it fits into your concept. I approve all the steps with you, so you always know what is happening, when and what will happen and how much it will cost.

You don't care about anything, I will process the project from the assignment to the finalization. I communicate with you, the printer and suppliers on an ongoing basis - or I can arrange my own. I can get a professional English or Czech voiceover for the videos.

I can also do DTP graphics (online and offline graphic work) and I create small and medium-sized websites on WordPress.

I am proud member of the Czech Freelance community: https://navolnenoze.cz/prezentace/petr-holusa/
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