Aware Consultancy

Sharon Zeidman is a professional consultant in emotional and social health in Aware Consultancy. I was happy to create the website for her business. First we were choosing a few colour palettes for website until we were happy with colour of red and grey. Also we have discussed how we create a header picture. Illustration? Photo? First I had some kind of comic illustration but it wasn't looked good. I tried photos. Still we were not happy with results. So I sad, let's do a silhouettes of emotion and simple painted background. Very successful.

Have a look at
Header for page About
Header for page Advice
Header for page Bussines
Header for page Education
Header for page Events
Header for page Healtcare
Header for Homepage - 1st color palette
Header for Homepage - 2nd color palette
Header for Homepage - 3rd color palette - approved!

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